Make your own Rope Halter with the Knotty Horse JIG
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Rope Halter JIG Kit
Includes everything you see here

  The Knotty Horse Halter JIG
  • The Knotty Horse Jig 
  • Instruction Booklet 
  • DVD Video  
  • 20' 1/4" Rope 
  • Ready to Wrap Box
  $29.95 USD, plus shipping -US Only*
Are you the DIY type? Want to save even more?
Make your OWN Jig. (Cick here)

Make professional looking Rope Halters and sell them, or give them away as gifts to your clients, friends and family.


*We CAN ship outside of the US, but you'll need to email for shiping charges. If you order and pay now, I can bill you the difference, but you'll need to pay for international shipping, or your money may be returned. There ARE no shipping charges if you buy the template to MAKE A JIG and download the instructions.

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