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  The Knotty Horse Halter Company was started as a "home schooling" project for Mark Gunkel and his kids. Looking for ways to teach his kids an easy way to tie a fiador knot Mark went to the internet and found out what you may already know.

There are a lot of instructions online that show you how to tie a Rope Halter. Some are FREE and some are EXPENSIVE but none of them are EASY, and ALL of them are confusing when it comes to making the most important knot, the Fiador knot.

He thought there had to be an easier way, but he couldn't find it. So he made one. Knotty Horse Jig, instead of frustrating his children with the art of knot making, showed them how to make a halter. They went on to learn about commerce and the internet as they built a little company around the manufacture and sale of this jig.

But alas in 2010 the kids had outgrown the idea and Mark decided to put the company up for sale. He went through his old emails to find people who had purchased the Jig in the past. Picked out a few names on it, and sent out an email.

I was on that list. I am Kay Zahn. Mother of a teen age barrel riding 4H'er in a group of 26 girls, always looking to raise money. So I bought the company (in a record setting 30 minutes or less . . really. If you knew me you wouldn't be surprised)

Since then (October 2010) we have made a few changes. We have made instructions on how to make the JIG available to Do It Yourselfers along with the Halter Jig itself.

So please feel free to contact me anytime via email. Purahse our Jig or the Jig Making Template, and we'll work to make your purchase decision one of the best you've made this whole week . . or day . . . or Week Day ;)


Kay Zahn

(480) 752 - 7120
Leave me a message, it finds me. 


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